Escape from Winter 2017 – Review

A little more than 1.200km in approx. one week. This was our trip to Lagos. Our rental bikes have been a MT-07 as well as a BMW 650GS. Both bikes are doing the Job, but the sound of both bikes is a little like a persisting wet fart. Next time we will go again for a XT660 – the sound is a lot better and there is more power at lo RPM.

But i don’t like to complain too much – the bikes have been technically o.k. and they showed us for one week the Algarve.

I am afraid that Silke and myself are spoiled in terms of this “escape from winter”. The Algarve is nice if you look for nice Temperatures in Wintertime to drive a motorbike. The streeets are not spectacular. You’ll find some turns in the north direction, or if you are heading from Lagos to Spain. In the western direction you’ll find the very end of Europe. Decorated with tons of cliffs and viewpoints.


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In the outback of Lagos you’ll find hundreds of Orange-Trees, which are full of fruits. I really did not expect that in December.

Silke like to see the race track close to Lagos. Unfortunately we got not access to the “Autodromo International de Algarve”.The gate was open, but the security person thought that rental bikes might not be the best choice for a short turn.

The city of Lagos is kind of touristic.Especially if you walk down the marina area with all the little booths trying to sell you a boat ride to the cliffs. The city looks kind of noble, but i have to say that you should not judge all restaurants by the way they look. As usual we found in the middle of nowhere the best authentic bars where we could get for Portugal typical Pasteis de Nata with coffee for almost no money.

Finally i have to say: If you like to see a deserted beach, you have to stay during Christmas time in Lagos. No tourists there  at all. You need to be aware that the choice of restaurant is limited as well. The tall cliffs are really impressive. However the Algarve can’t really compete with the streets of Gran Canaria. For this reason our next escape from Winter will take us not to Portugal again.

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