Hamburg – Verona of the North

Only in a few occasion we could spend so much time on sightseeing as we did today. Early in the morning we could re-arrange our train ticket to Lörrach (which is still in Germany and far away from our original destination). The bikes will be loaded in the evening, so we have to kill some serious time here in Hamburg. So we change into tourist mode and make a boat trip on the Alster (which is really worth it)

Hamburg at it’s best on a great summer day! Verona might have a hard time to compete with that 😉

Early in the evening we meet the remaining 15 Biker – the “leftovers” from the day before. All of us changed the tickets to Lörrach. The boss from the “Urlaubs-Express” shows up with a relaxed face and tells us, that we have the staff here, just the train is missing. Reason is, that the ÖBB from Autria uses currently both platforms to load vehicles. He Austrian clocks are ticking slower and so it takes 2 hours instead of 20 minutes to load the train and clear the platform. After an eternity our train is available and we can depart with more than 1 hour delay from Hamburg to Lörrach.

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