Shopping in Hamburg

Normally i don’T like shopping. But at the weekend i made a quick buy on the exhibition in Hamburg.

The initial plan said: substiantially more horsepower. For this reason i tested last Year the S1000R as well as the MT10. The engine of the MT10 is massive and the sound makes you to hear more. But some how the handling could not convince me 100%

For this reason i ordered on the exhibition the little MT09 SP. Basically  no change at all to my current bike regarding the power – but at least i lost 20kg of weight. Now the dealer can put some more equipment on and as soon as the temperatures are reasonable i’ll pick up my new bike  in Hamburg.

Now i own basically the same bike as Silke does – just some minor modifications. If somebody would have told me THAT last Year – i still can’t believe that i did that…

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