MT09, Street Rally

Silkes Mopped seit 2015

Technische Daten:

  • 3 Zylinder
  • 115 Pferde
  • Hubraum 847ccm
  • Reithöhe: 849,5mm
  • Gewicht: ca. 191kg, vollgetankt

Technischer Schnickschnak / Modifikationen:

  • ABS
  • Goldige Kupplungs- und Bremshebel
  • Beheizbare Handschuhe
  • CLS Kettenöler Cameleon Kettenöler
  • Hyperpro Fahrwerk (Federbein & Gabel)
  • Heckträger von SW Motech
  • GB Racing Bodyparts
  • Sitzbank mit Gel-Kissen und Schriftzug

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After a long Year with terrible coughing and bad driving experience Silke smiles again. One Year, where the MT was bucking, sometimes did not respond at all to release very rough the power. Sometimes the bike was dying at low RPM.

Reason for all that was a little Potentiometer, which determines the Position of the throttle. (Ride-by-Wire concept). In some Forums and on Facebook people complained about the bucking, however we could not find any hints that this beasty Poti could cause all that trouble.

Ride-by-Wire Trouble at the MT09

At the Weekend we had best weather to test the …

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Shopping in Hamburg

Normally i don’T like shopping. But at the weekend i made a quick buy on the exhibition in Hamburg.

The initial plan said: substiantially more horsepower. For this reason i tested last Year the S1000R as well as the MT10. The engine of the MT10 is massive and the sound makes you to hear more. But some how the handling could not convince me 100%

For this reason i ordered on the exhibition the little MT09 SP. Basically  no change at all to my current bike regarding the power – but at least i lost 20kg of weight. Now the …

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