A Gimbal

Sorry, what?

Well, i just bought a Gimbal. For those who have no clue what i am talking about: A gimbal is a technical device that keeps a camera stable. With the gimbal i hope to get a new camera perspective at the race track.

I decided for the WG2 from Feyiu Tech, because the price is just really good. The first impression after unpacking the WG2 is, that it looks like a top-quality product. The supporting arms are mad of black (anodized?) metal. The gimbal just has one button to switch on/off and offers some other functions as well.

For people like me, who do not read a manual, and can not remember functions at a single, double, three-time and four-time click sombody developed an App for Smartphone which helps a lot to setup and operating that gadget.


The App allows to configure the stepper motors in wide ranges. Once i understood how to position the camera with the virtual Joystick, i was able to use the Gimbal. The only question is, if it is really necessary to modify the settings to change the speed of the stepper drives? At this point i have no idea, but it is good to have the possibility.

According to Feiyu the batteries should last for more than 2 hours of operation. This should be enough for one Trackday. Real life will show if the 2 hours are achievable. On the first sight this Gimbal seems to be a good tool for my GOPRO.


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