A Gimbal

Sorry, what?

Well, i just bought a Gimbal. For those who have no clue what i am talking about: A gimbal is a technical device that keeps a camera stable. With the gimbal i hope to get a new camera perspective at the race track.

I decided for the WG2 from Feyiu Tech, because the price is just really good. The first impression after unpacking the WG2 is, that it looks like a top-quality product. The supporting arms are mad of black (anodized?) metal. The gimbal just has one button to switch on/off and offers some other functions as well.…

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New Mounting Stand

..is now ready to use!

The idea is basically pretty cool – unfortunately in the real world there is a lack of quality. The mounting stand itself is very stable. But when it was delivered, there was a  wrong item and after i complained and got the correct one the accuracy of the bore holes on the baseplate is really bad.

With a little bit of crafting is was able to change that and now the entire bike – including  the front tire is lifted off the ground. WIth this the bike can be balanced easily in the Garage – …

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Neues Spielzeug

The MT received a new gadget before the first inspection.

In order to track my routes i am using already a GPS Logger / Tracker in the Hornet. However underneath the MT dress it is so damn tight that even a box of cigarettes might not fit in. For this reason i was looking for a smaller alternative. Finally i found the GPS Logger 2, which was basically designed for airplane modell-building applications. Since the MT09 is a low flying vehicle i am convinced that i did not misapply this little gandget.

Biggest Advantage: This Logging Tool is small, really …

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New Toy

The preparation for the Tour is ongoing: I got my TomTom and Silke a Tripy for navigation.

I tried forever to connect the Tripy to the iPad with all possible and impossible Apps – without success. The reason is, that we can plan and change our tour with the Tripy. Finally i found this little USB Stick. Simply to be connected to the iPad / iPhone and now we can easily exchange data between the i-World and regular PCs, but more important the Tripy!

Money well spent…

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New Toys

This one looks almost like a rear mirror, but it is more like the extension of my Smartphone display. Since a couple of days i am a proud TOMTOM Vio owner.

TOMTOM sells the vio as Navigation system for Scooter. Well, the Hornet has two tires, one engine and a handlebar. But i will not call the Hornet a Scooter likewise i call this round something a Navigation system. HOWEVER: It is waterproof, does what it is supposed to and left a good impression after the first couple of days playing around with it.

The installation of the App was …

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