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This one looks almost like a rear mirror, but it is more like the extension of my Smartphone display. Since a couple of days i am a proud TOMTOM Vio owner.

TOMTOM sells the vio as Navigation system for Scooter. Well, the Hornet has two tires, one engine and a handlebar. But i will not call the Hornet a Scooter likewise i call this round something a Navigation system. HOWEVER: It is waterproof, does what it is supposed to and left a good impression after the first couple of days playing around with it.

The installation of the App was kind of difficult. Specifically: The maps! I like to install just all maps of Eupre, which requires more than 10GB of memory. After deleting alll my media from the phone: Taaaddaaa!! Still not enough memory 🙁

To start with i installed only the map of Germany. Afer this i was allowed to pick other countries and not the whole map of Europe. The italian map does  not require a ton of space – so i downloaded that and now we can use this dingi dongi during our next vacation.

The intelligence of the VIO is in the App on the Smartphone. For this reason the functionality itself is very limited. One single button on the backside to switch it on and off as well as a possibility to recall favorite locations which have been saved before with the App. But that is it. If you like to change a tour on the fly you’ll not get happy with that tool.

There is one little challenge to use this as a permanent GPS: This navigation funtion sucks the weak battery empty faster as you could watch it. To be eight hours on the road with GPS might be only possible with a huge powerpack. In short: TOMOM VIO was designed to be used on short distances (Scooter), it is simple to use and does a good Job for a lower budget.

I will abuse the VIO during my next  vacation in Italy and certainly report about my experience.

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