Neues Spielzeug

The MT received a new gadget before the first inspection.

In order to track my routes i am using already a GPS Logger / Tracker in the Hornet. However underneath the MT dress it is so damn tight that even a box of cigarettes might not fit in. For this reason i was looking for a smaller alternative. Finally i found the GPS Logger 2, which was basically designed for airplane modell-building applications. Since the MT09 is a low flying vehicle i am convinced that i did not misapply this little gandget.

Biggest Advantage: This Logging Tool is small, really small and it can be mounted everywhere. Even at the MT09 it is easy to find a space for it. The housing is as small as an SD Chip and approx. only 5mm thick.

Biggest Issue: 5V Power Supply is hard to find on a Motorbike. For this reason I used a tiny 5V power stabiliser in the wire of the 12V Power supply – and now i got a working logger.

Biggest Concern: Do i really have receiption underneath my seat without an external antenna or sight to the blue sky? Oh yes! And apparently the receiption seem to be really good.

The Data is beeing stored on a Mini-SD card. The data rate is adjustable from 1 datapoint per second (which is for my purpose way more than i need) up to 10 measurements per seconds. The first files showing a size of approx. 1MB per 40 minutes riding time. With this an entire year of driving should fit easily on the mini-SD card. With this tool it is even possible to have a live-transmission via Bluetooth – even if this is pointless for my application.

The price is really not too high und for me this is one of the best GPS-Logger, which i have seen for a use on a motorbike. Eventually i know which roads i use to ride with my MT 😁


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