Pass-Hopping to Parma

Yesterday there was the very first day without our motorbikes. After we opened a cag of Wine at Lunchtime we certainly where no longer allowed to drive.

After i checked my stuff in Siena, i found out, that one of my bags with cloth is not there – now i am missing a trouser, 3 shirts and some minor stuff. My Mother commented: “Ups, but it is not too bad” – However this is almost 50% of my cloth i used to wear during this trip!

But now it is faster to pack the bag 🙂

In the historic town of Siena there are more churches and cathedrals as we have in the rest of middle Europe!

After a day of rest we move on to Parma – this trip is extended to 350km because of the many passes we have to overcome. The further we go North, the better the smaller streets are. At the same point in time traffic increases and we are just one of many on the way up to the “Abetone”

Arrived in Parma we are slammed by the hot, humid wheather – NOW it is time for a Beer!

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