From Coast to Coast

From Vasto via Barletta via Scalea and Crotone we ended up in Tarent. This means we bounced from the East- to the West- to the Southcoast of Itlay.

Barletta is a little busy Town, and we gained there at least 2 pounds un our hips. We went in the evening for having Snacks, but it ended up in a Tasting menu. I ordered as meat-lover the meat menu – but i did not expect that we would get 12! FISHY-Appetizer with 2 Primi and one Secondi.

The further we go south, the better the streets are. You just have to ignore all the waste at the street to enjoy the beautiful landscape.

In the afternoon it is sometimes difficult to find a open bar in the little villages. On our way from Barletta to Scalea we are desperately seeking for an open bar, without success. The only open door is a tiny Gelateria in the middle of nowhere. Apparently we meet here one of the Gelateria Godfathers. He pulls us away from the industrial Ice and gives us some tastings of his self-made Gelato. He explains how he is doing the Ice and he gives us a tour to the holy Icemachine in the back of his shop. On top of that he shows us all the fresh ingredients that he is using.

And the Gelato is just AWESOME! It is the best Ice i ever had – just for that it was worth this tour.

Scalea is just a quick stop – but nothing for tourism. However the food is delicious – as almost every evening.

In Crotone we found again a very unique B&B right at the beach. On Friday evening the party is on – you either party or you need some Earplugs to find your sleep.

Right next to the B&B is a great Pizzeria, and it is worth it to wait almost an hour for the food. The next morning we are doing some photos at the beach 🙂

The way to Tarent starts with some nice turns, but the further we are moving to the heel of Italy, the more unexcited is the ride. But awhen we arrived at Tarent the city is not too bad with the Castello build right next to the seaside and all the big ships waiting to get unloaded at the harbour.

We are staying here for two days to get Silke a new set of tires. Since this takes half of the day we do a shortened Tour to Locorotondo, close to Alborobello – with the typical houses for that region.

Locorotondo is not as touristic as Alborobello and i have to admit the city is really worth it to visit!

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