Something is missing

This is our train to Verona – what is missing?


When we came to Hamburg we first had some trouble to find the Train station, due to heavy roadworks in this area. After this there was a big delay to load the vehicles. Finally we got the information, that the person in charge to load the train is not showing up due to an accident). As a result of that: The Motorbikes are not allowed to get on the train! Because of that we will not go to Italy tonight! Tomorrow we will decide how to …

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China – Review

 China 2016 – a Motorbike Trip in Yunnan (short version)



The tour is starting in Dali and is taking us via Shaxi into the Tiger Leaping Gorge. This area is really showing off with giant rocks, deep gorges and the massive power of the river. In case you decide to take some time for  a sweaty hike you will be rewarded with some unbelievable impressions from the nature. After this your thighs may hurt, but at least for us it was worth it to do this exhausting  hike.

After this the tour took us through endless turns and small …

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