Run Away from Winter!

Long dark cold days and the can’t sit still anymore? We rushed to a travel agency bevor we suffer a winter depression. Today we booked one week on Gran Canaria to enjoy the sun.

I read already a lot about Gran Canaria from LeFronc and now it’s time to make this experience on my own. A package holiday, Sun and some turns – i am exicted to see what we can expect.

We requested the motorbikes today at Moto&Bike, becuase the shop is just a few streets away from our Hotel in Maspalomas. Just hoping that we really get …

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China – Review

 China 2016 – a Motorbike Trip in Yunnan (short version)



The tour is starting in Dali and is taking us via Shaxi into the Tiger Leaping Gorge. This area is really showing off with giant rocks, deep gorges and the massive power of the river. In case you decide to take some time for  a sweaty hike you will be rewarded with some unbelievable impressions from the nature. After this your thighs may hurt, but at least for us it was worth it to do this exhausting  hike.

After this the tour took us through endless turns and small …

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