Back on Track!

After 5 long weeks my Hornet is back on track! Big Hands for Rocco and @Luca Daverio who arranged the return shipment from Italy. Other than that special thanks to @Thomas Knaul who offered me the necessary parts. And special thanks to @Coors-Zweiradtechnik. Even if vacation time was knocking on the door, Cathi did Overtime on a Saturday just to get this finished and allow me to go to the Track next week. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

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Something is missing

This is our train to Verona – what is missing?


When we came to Hamburg we first had some trouble to find the Train station, due to heavy roadworks in this area. After this there was a big delay to load the vehicles. Finally we got the information, that the person in charge to load the train is not showing up due to an accident). As a result of that: The Motorbikes are not allowed to get on the train! Because of that we will not go to Italy tonight! Tomorrow we will decide how to …

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