Gran Canaria – Escape from Winter

Terrible Touristic Airlines

After this short week i remeber why i do not like the touristic airplanes:

Somehow everything is more hectic, noisy and stressful compared to the regular flights. There are significantly more children on these airlines and we had the blessing of one strong smelling specimen sitting in front of us, which had to use all the available throw-up bags.

The Pilot as did the best job in finding every single pothole and he landed the plane not straight, but very hard on the runway. But anyway, we arrived and that all that matters.

Accomodation in Maspalomas

After …

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Run Away from Winter!

Long dark cold days and the can’t sit still anymore? We rushed to a travel agency bevor we suffer a winter depression. Today we booked one week on Gran Canaria to enjoy the sun.

I read already a lot about Gran Canaria from LeFronc and now it’s time to make this experience on my own. A package holiday, Sun and some turns – i am exicted to see what we can expect.

We requested the motorbikes today at Moto&Bike, becuase the shop is just a few streets away from our Hotel in Maspalomas. Just hoping that we really get …

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