Pleasure & Wine – Tour 2017 / Italy


It is wet and cold outside – so the best time to make our plans for summer vacation on the motorbikes. We already agreed on the country and now we have to do a little bit of finetuning on the tour itself.

This year we will end up in Italy and enjoy life on our own motorbikes. No rentals, no group, just Silke and myself as it should be.

Nothing is fixed so far – except Italy, and it seems that we have enough time to make our way down to Sicily. The tour is changing on a daily basis because of new ideas. We appreciate of course good suggestions and proposals from our Italian friends.

I keep you posted.




2 thoughts on “Pleasure & Wine – Tour 2017 / Italy”

    1. Hi Russell, nice to hear from you again! As well it is good to see that somebody is looking at all this shit that is posted 🙂
      I keep you up to date and maybe there is a chance to have a nice trip with motorbikes to South Africa in the future!

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