Groß-Dölln 2017

What a Weekend!

The guys at the “Rappodetalsperre” did some good stuff to turn the Harz into an attractive area. The Megazipline, a giant suspension bridge, and with 70m the certainly Germany largest swing as well as Wall-Running creating a really nice leisure park. On our way to Groß-Dölln we decided to stop there and try the Megazipline which will take over the lake. Connected to a steel wire and flying with 90km/h down to the valley does not get close to the feeling when you hit turns fast with the motorbike, but it was a nice experience.

After this we are heading to our motorbiketraining in Groß-Dölln. For the first time we have a Hotel in Zehdenick. At least there are signs of Civilization, because you’ll find in town a bunch of Bars ans Restaurants.

The weather was kind of difficult at the weekend. First day of training is most of the time dry and warm, the second day starts wet, after this i can enjoy two dry turns and the day ends again in the rain. After i start to think seriously about my weak points on the track, i am able to improve the lap time significantly. My best lap is with 2:07 not too bad for this kind of bike.

Even Silke is driving like a little devil on the MT09. Together with the instructor she is completing the laptimes below 2:20. At the end of the second day (last turn, last round) even the instructor is losing control on the wet track and hits the gravel pit. Driving on a wet road is not everbody’s darling 🙂

This time i was excited about the fact, that i improved eventually the position of my upper body. Your years are between the following two pictured – and a lot of hard work. But now the upper body is where it should be!

On Monday the Hornet is giving me some Headache – at the first stop the water just pours out of my radiator. That’s still result of my crash in Italy as well as the stress at the weekend. With many stops to refill water we are driving back. Slowly but surely we arrive in Bielefeld. I ordered the new radiator right away and replaced it by now.

Groß-Dölln was – like usual – a great time. This time even with some laps in the rain but i certainly prefer to drive on dry streets.

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