Groß-Dölln 2017

What a Weekend!

The guys at the “Rappodetalsperre” did some good stuff to turn the Harz into an attractive area. The Megazipline, a giant suspension bridge, and with 70m the certainly Germany largest swing as well as Wall-Running creating a really nice leisure park. On our way to Groß-Dölln we decided to stop there and try the Megazipline which will take over the lake. Connected to a steel wire and flying with 90km/h down to the valley does not get close to the feeling when you hit turns fast with the motorbike, but it was a nice experience.

After this …

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Back from the Track

…personal fastest lap was 1:31. Of course not the fastest lap on world, but it is not slow either considering that people like me are only one or two times a year on a reacetrack.
The track itself is extremely easy to learn, because it is flat. I just needed three laps in the first turn to achieve an acceptable speed. Only the journey to and from the track wsa kind of annoying, because of the looong distance and the weather conditions.But regardless – we are back and with a very wide grin in our faces.

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