Intermot 2018

Back from Rhön Region wie move on to the Intermot to Cologne. This time we use the train – best weather conditions. 18 Euro to enter the exhibition is a little on the high side, but thanks to some vouchers we don’t have to pay for that.

First Highlight: A Test ride on a Honda CBR1000R. Honda delivered – not necessarily the bike, but the Honda dealer who provided 10 bikes for testing purpose. The Test ride takes us away from the the exhibition, a little bit through the city and a little bit on the German Autobahn. Afte 30 minutes we are back on the expo. This is how you feed potential customer and how you sell stuff!

Honda CB1000R

The Honda is a Honda. This means easy to ride – almost too easy. Extreme easy to handle but enough HP for almost everything. The quickshifter works pretty well, compared to the one from the MT09 – and this in both directions and very smooth. However i had my issues to find the right position. And since i just got a new bike on the expo in Hamburg, i won’t buy a CBR1000R at this point in time (But Silke might be interested)

Other than that the expo feels almost empty for a holiday. There s enough space on the isles and even on the booths to find a seat on every bike. My goal was to find a Producer fo heatable stuff. And we found this year a company Keis. The offered solutions seem to be quiet good and most  likely i am going to change to this supplier. With this i will get warm fingers in Wintertime on both bikes.

At GB Racing we found some nice auxiliary parts to take the MT09 on the race track. The parts look as if they are high  quality and they can certainly reduce damage on the track. This will be one of the next investments for Silkes Street Rally.

On top of that we got some nice inspiration for possible tours in Europe – to travel in the Land of the Vampires is getting more and more into our mind.

Finally i can say that the Intermot 2018 was worth it. We had some really good conversations and since a long time we did not leave the expo after 2 hours. Due to the reduced traffic on the show we could really enjoy the exhibition.

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