After a long Year with terrible coughing and bad driving experience Silke smiles again. One Year, where the MT was bucking, sometimes did not respond at all to release very rough the power. Sometimes the bike was dying at low RPM.

Reason for all that was a little Potentiometer, which determines the Position of the throttle. (Ride-by-Wire concept). In some Forums and on Facebook people complained about the bucking, however we could not find any hints that this beasty Poti could cause all that trouble.

Ride-by-Wire Trouble at the MT09

At the Weekend we had best weather to test the new component. On Sonday finally we drove 350km without any issues. Silke isfinally smiling under the Helmet again – this i driving motorbike at the best.

2 thoughts on “Recovered”

    1. Hi Oli,

      wir haben das in unserer Werkstatt machen lassen. Ich habe mir das Poti mitgeben lassen, weil ich mir einmal das Innere anschauen wollte. Daher kann ich leider keine direkte Bezugsquelle nennen.

      Der Sensor selbst kostet 180€ Netto – allerdings hätten wir noch einige andere Kleinigkeiten machen lassen. Da fällt es mir jetzt schwer Gesamtkosten für die Reparatur zu nennen. Ich würde mal so um die 300€ – 350€ (inklusive des Poti) schätzen.


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