The New Year just started and i already have it: Winterblues!

On Facebook i found a little video – with Motorbikes on an indoor funtrack. I remembered an event with a similar concept that was called “Supermoto for everybody“. So i kickstarted my Google and found out: This still exists! Awesome!

Quickly decided to book this event – all “official” dates have been already sold out. Due to the big interest an additional weekend was offered. Now we booked a slot on the 25th of March – 5 hours of time to drive in tiny ittle circles on …

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New Toys

This one looks almost like a rear mirror, but it is more like the extension of my Smartphone display. Since a couple of days i am a proud TOMTOM Vio owner.

TOMTOM sells the vio as Navigation system for Scooter. Well, the Hornet has two tires, one engine and a handlebar. But i will not call the Hornet a Scooter likewise i call this round something a Navigation system. HOWEVER: It is waterproof, does what it is supposed to and left a good impression after the first couple of days playing around with it.

The installation of the App was …

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