Cold Mountains

Before i start today one word to my friends who follow this trip no facebook: I can’t reply to your comments on Facebook, since i have no access to this from here. The article here is an automatic post from my Homepage. I will reply once i have full access to my account.

If you see a Teddybaer on the photos it is the „Bejing Wanderbaer“ – it belongs to friends who moved to Bejing 2 years ago. The Wanderbaer will tell the story of what he has seen during the time our friends are in China. And right now he take some vacation as well and he joins us on this journey…


The last two days we mastered the highest point of that tour. Don’t ask for the name of the pass –  i can’t even remeber that. Before we started that morning, we removed the cover from the air intake – so that the Shineray can breathe better. It helped a lot – the RPM is now back to normal – even at the altidude above 30000m.

On the way up to the highest point of the tour the Shineray is getting again issues to breathe. The higher we get the more often we have to switch gears and the lower the maximum rpm is. But is must admit that this bike is doing a good job to take us to there. Finally we arrive at an altitude of 4292m and even i feel the thin air and i have to take some deep breaths to feel comfortable.

But the biggest attraction is not the top of the hill – it is us! A dozen of Tibetian and Chinese people want to shoot some selfies with the weird Germans and the motorbike in that corner of the world.

4292m – Top of this Tour

SIghtseeing – Highlights


Unfortunately the weather is not with us, so the view is limited and we are happy to go down the mountain where we can enjoy some nicer temperatures.

At that evening we got a very private tour to the house of our guides family. We are allowed to see the preparation for a traditional ceremony. The next morning we see some mumbling monks in this house and the etire family is somehow involved. This was really a great experence to be so close to the local culture.

Oil for Candles

Finishing Candles with a helping hand from Sweden


After this we have a lot of fun with on an old gravel road. The Shineray is really build for that kind of streets! However after this funtime we spent almost the entire day driving in the rain. At least the Hotel has a good bathroom with a hot shower! And now it’s time put the hairdryer into my boots to get them kind of dry.                     

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